A little bit about me and how I can help.

People are what bring unique perspectives generating disruptive and engaging ideas. My passion is fueled by seeing people connect the dots from simple to complex and invest in fellow marketers to bring their skills and influence to new heights.

"I don't know where

to start."

I'm here to help.

"I know I need marketing help, but I don't know what to dive into next."

We'll navigate that together.

About Me.

My background has focused on process development and working with startups and SMBs to develop their marketing programs and teams from the ground up.

My passion is around helping people find growth for their companies and own how their brand is delivered to their customers. It's all about helping people make a complex challenge simple.

I'm here to help you navigate the unknown of figuring all of this out. Knowing where to start or understanding what isn't working can be daunting in the marketing world. Whether you haven't done any marketing or you have a marketing program but don't know how to take it to the next level, I can help you right where you're at.

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Ship's Wheel

How It Works.

Marketing is about growth for you and your company. We'll roll up our sleeves together and map out a scalable plan that will drive growth for your business. This includes:

  • Marketing Map: Working through the Why for your company, the branding, audience, and go to market strategy.

  • Resource Map: Identifying the needs to make the strategy go. We'll maximize your budget and scale the growth with the right tools and people.

  • Process Map: Collaboratively creating a process that works for you to execute the strategy incorporating repeatable campaigns that you understand.

At the end of our time together, you will have the strategy, resources, and process developed to help your company soar. As a CMO Advisor, I will help coach your team and make sure the ship is focused on true north as decisions are made. I've got your back as you stand at the helm of your ship to navigate uncharted waters.

Marketing Operations

HubSpot Expert
CRM Implementation
Workflow & Automation Setup
Sales Enablement
Budget Building & Planning
Project Management
Competitor Analysis

Here to help you grow.



Persona & Audience Mapping
Campaign Development
Content Strategy
Social Media Optimization & Listening
LinkedIn Optimization

LinkedIn Lead Management

Training & Coaching

Fractional CMO Guidance & Support
Team Management & Coaching
Strategy & Plan Mapping
Marketing Operations Training

Demand Generation Training

From the people I've worked with...

“When I first met Jennifer, her enthusiasm and commitment was immediately apparent. In Jennifer, you will find a pragmatic leader who is eager to hash out complex issues together with team members. Her communication skills are top notch, and she is an amazing collaborator. I would choose to work with Jennifer any day on any team!” 

- Angela Brutsche, VP of Communications & Marketing

Texas Association of Realtors

Knowledge & Skills to Support You.

HubSpot Partner


Helping you is a two way street and requires a relationship where you firmly believe I have your best interests at heart and I am here as a partner with you.


I never stop learning the latest marketing tech and trends keeping me focused on being your marketing expert.


My deep passion for problem solving and drawing out the good for expansion and the challenges for development move me to seek to understand you and your business.

Bringing a little TLC your way.

Here's what is important to me...

Some of the great companies

I've gotten to work with.

"Just as a movie is a problem, so is the story of your marketing. It has to resonate with the listener, to tell them something they've been waiting to hear, something they're open to believing. It has to invite them on a journey where a change might happen. And then, if you've opened all those doors, it has to solve the problem, to deliver on the promise."

- Seth Godin